Our Staffing Module will surely be one of our most popular modules. This will allow your members to login to update their availability status, from any computer with a internet connection. Members will update whether they are available as a diver, firefighter, officer, EMS, or fire police, also they will be able to add where they will be responding from, and for how long.

The status will be updated on your department’s web site, this page will refresh every minute display the most up-to-date times and member availability. If you do not wish to have this viewed from the public site, no worries, you will be able to view from your members only site. For departments with multiple or substations, you will be able to create a staffing status page for each station.

Reporting will also be made available, this will allow your members to get points, or credit depending how many hours they have made themselves available. Another feature will be to alert when the “Station is staffed”. Lets say for your station to be staffed you need 2 drivers, 2 officers, and 4 black hats, by going to the settings link you can determine what your stations needs, once all staffing requests have been meet, an icon will flash “Station is staffed”. If at some point a members time has expired, a scrolling message will display what positions are needed.

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