Messaging & Alerts

User Groups & Community

What sets Municy apart from other platforms is the ability to build your community. With Municy your community start with groups in your organization, if you are a fire department you can create different groups for your officers, EMS & fire division, tactical and administrative groups.

If you are a school you can create multiple student groups, parent groups, and administrative groups, you also have the ability to assign different permission levels.

The unique feature about Municy is the public can download the Municy app and follow your organization, you also have the ability to send messages to the public, this will allow you to notify the public of any emergencies, upcoming events, or if you are a business, any promotions.

Key Features

  • Create as many groups as you wish
  • Permission levels
  • Taylor your message to each group
  • Get the public involved with your organization

Secure Messaging & Notifications

Almost all organizations struggle with keeping in-touch with their members, most have tried using private Facebook groups, twitter and email. The problem is not everyone is on the same page.

Secure Messaging & Notifications allows you to message your members via text messaging (SMS) or email, the user can decide how they would like to be notified of important messages from the organization.

Know when your messages have been read with send receipts.

Key Features

  • Receive messages on your phone or email
  • Administrators receive send receive receipts
  • Schedule your messages
  • Send to specific groups

Resources & File Directory

Tired of printing documents to handout, or emailing documents to individuals? Municy’s file storage is for you! With our file storage program you can drop files into each members account, or send a document to one of your created groups.

Organize the documents into folders and make life easy!

No more lost documents.

Key Features

  • Create folders
  • Drop documents into team member accounts
  • Mark documents private
  • Send to specific groups

Communities Best Served

Fire & EMS Departments

Animal Shelters & Rescues

Cities & Municipalities

Candidates & Political Parties

Schools & Universities

Enforcement & Watch Groups

Churches & Prayer Groups

Sports Teams & Clubs