Facebook Access Token

We wanted to let you know about an important update from Facebook that may affect your feeds. Starting September 4, 2020, Facebook is no longer allowing users to display feeds from pages you are NOT an admin of.

Our Facebook application relies on Facebook’s API to connect to your account, pages, and groups.

Facebook made their API to allow developers like us to connect and get data from them. In simple terms, the API is an interface that Facebook provides so that software like FireCompanies.com can access all the data needed to display your feeds on your website.

Using the API can be a challenge, since Facebook is constantly updating how it works and what data it provides access to. But it’s necessary because we can’t access your feeds without it.

Starting September 4, 2020, Facebook is making a big change to their API.

Due to this change, Facebook won’t allow you to display feeds from any page that you don’t have a role on (i.e. an Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, or Analyst) .

You can only display a feed from a Facebook page if you have one of these roles on the page.

What does this mean for FireCompanies.com users?

Depending on your setup, some users may see a PPCA (Public Page Content Access) Error notice when you log in to your site. Don’t worry, your visitors won’t see any errors on your website – the notice only displays in the dashboard for logged-in admins on the settings page.

If you’re website is displaying a feed from a Facebook page that you do NOT have a role on, then unfortunately that feed can no longer be updated after September 4, 2020.

To get your Facebook Access Token, visit this link and use the tool found on the page, once you have your token copy and paste it to the form below.

Get Your Token Here

To access the tool to secure a token.

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