About Us

A Web Solutions Company

FireCompanies.com, a firefighter-owned and operated web solutions company, was established in 2001 to meet the needs of fire departments, EMS, first responders, municipalities and other agencies.

With combined experience of over 100 years in fire service and 70 years in the Information Technology field, the team at FireCompanies.com has a deep-rooted dedication to delivering the technology tools and custom solutions you need to operate your emergency services organization more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Information and Knowledge

Management Initiatives

We’ve seen first-hand the difficulties that you face in promoting your cause, raising funds, organizing documents and photos, and managing daily operations. In other words, “We feel your pain!” and have made it our mission to help by developing affordable websites and applications that give you the means to manage your business and collaborate with your team members through a central hub – from anywhere.

The FireCompanies.com team operates under the highest of standards to provide a reliable platform that offers peak performance. Besides our extensive understanding of your challenges, other things that set us apart from other solutions companies is our accessibility (via phone, live chat, email, trouble ticket system and web contact form) – and our openness to YOUR ideas. We welcome your input and feedback as we create new solutions to meet the unique needs of fire and emergency services organizations worldwide.

Our Vision

FireCompanies.com is your number one place to go to for quick reliable fire department web hosting and design services.

We maintain and web host hundreds of fire department sites around the country. If you are looking for a great fire department web host and design company, we are the ones that can help you with your needs.

  • Dan IovenCEO, Founder