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How do I migrate email from my inbox to my new branded Gmail inbox?
To migrate the email contained in your current email account to your new branded Gmail account, complete the following steps:

1. Log into your new branded Gmail account.

2. Click the Settings text link found at the top right of your inbox.

3. Choose Accounts from the tabs at the top of the Settings section.

4. To the right of Get mail from other accounts: click Add another email account .

5. You will see a Add a mail account pop-up that asks for your email account. You CANNOT put your current email address in this box as it will be rejected. To work around this, please put in this box.

6. Click Next Step >>

7. On the next screen, change the Username from to the email address from which you would like to migrate your mail from.

8. Enter the password that is used to check your email.

9. For POP server, enter:

10. Leave the checkbox options UNCHECKED.

11. Click Add Account >>

12. If successful, you will be taken to the next step. If not, you will receive an error in red stating why your account could not be added.

13. Answer No to Would you also like to be able to send mail as

14. Click Finish

15. You should now see Gmail begin Checking mail... under the Get mail from other accounts: section.

16. To reduce server and traffic loads, Gmail will only pull 200 messages at a time, but will continue checking your old email inbox until all messages are removed.

Please monitor this process (by viewing the fetch history) and when all of your messages have been successfully removed from your old email inbox, be sure to delete the account listed.

NOTE: This process will not migrate the mail from any subfolders you may have created in your old email account. To fetch those messages, log into your old email account ( and move any messages contained in any subfolders to the inbox. Gmail will then recognize those emails and transfer them to your new branded Gmail account.

Updated: 2008-05-20




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